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Karl Maihoroff
Benediktinerstr. 1 D-54292 Trier
Tel. +49(0)1752728254
Last Update: 09.08.2009 09:22:32 J & P

[Artist in residence program]

Karl Maihoroff - Vita

Karl Maihoroff, 1955 born in  Bitburg / W.-Germany

Publication of first poems at grammar school.
Writing will be a basis of his livelihood for the coming decades.

"Gegenstimme einer Päpstin" (1985),
 "Beuys in Beda" (1986),
"Das Klavier", szenische Illusion für Tasteninstrumente und Tonband (2001).



1981 - 1984

grant from belgium Ministry of Culture

1982 - 1983

grant Dr. Berg'sche Stiftung (Paris, masterclass Olivier Messiaen)


Finalist organ competition Haarlem/NL
(only four competitors were admitted for final round)

1983 - 1986

Composer in residence, Dr. Hanns-Simon-Stiftung


Nomination Society of Fellows, Harvard University


Guest professor and judge for international competitions:



lecturer position for piano University Koblenz  - Landau
Youngest Composer ever to teach at this university


guest professor at Juilliard School of Music, New York.
Youngest Composer ever to teach at Juilliard

1994 / 1995

In 1994 / 1995 Maihoroff founded and directed the screenwriting-courses TRIER together with the international renowned lecturer Syd Field, Beverly Hills.
With the growing success of nationwide participants he became in 1999 managing director (head of programs) at the screenwriting courses in Paris (Centre Européen d'Ecriture Audiovisuelle).

Programs and regular meetings of the members at the magnificent palace of the New Jewish Museum (Musèe de l'Art et d'Histoire du Judaisme).


Founder and artistic director of the Collegium Musicum University Choir and Orchestra Luxembourg




he wrote a transcription of Mussorgsky´s "Pictures at an Exhibition" for organ and a guide for maestros "Conductor´s Companion".


he was responsible for a composerclass at the historic concerthall (Promotionsaula Trier)


artist – in – residence at Parma (Italy) and Klagenfurt (Austria

2014/15                  Conception, Consulting and Supervising for the retrospective of contemporary composers                                  Alexander Mullenbach, Luxembourg, Gerhard Stäbler, Düsseldorf and Aivars Kalejs Riga
                             As a judge for international competitions he is involved in finding prospective projects,                                  candidates and laureates. He lectures at universities and is head of workshops for a new                                  approach to music- and art management.   

                             Performance of contemporary works composed by Kagel and Ligeti at Paris and Rome.